Bodyswap · Magic · spell · Teacher

A petite girl

“Wow, the guy was naked while speaking on the phone … I can’t believe it actually worked”, Amy (16) said in the body of Jason (34) while scratching her forehead and admiring his big muscular body in the mirror ceiling for the first time….

Amy was just your normal teenage girl, she was learning about makeup, hanging out with friends, doing exercise and spending too much time on social media. Like many girls, she had a very high amount of sex drive within her. You can say, she was the definition of a petite skinny girl, I mean she was quite small and mostly flat chested, she knew she had zero curves and a very small frame that was not getting any better with age, yet still she was kind of attractive for his age.

Amy knew her body was never gonna develop like those curvy girls with perfect bodies that she always watched all over the internet and on tik tok, she just knew reviewing her family genetics. But that didn’t matter to her, her goal was not getting big boobs or a big rounded ass… No… instead of that, she wanted to be big and strong, but like really big and muscular, like a huge muscle man… just like his gym coach Jason, his thigh was bigger than Amy’s entire waist line.

Every time Amy trained with him, she was salivating but not for the reasons all the other girls were, she wanted to be him, she wanted to have control over those girls who followed him everywhere, she thought Jason could be fucking all those girls and more without much effort and she wanted that power, she wanted to have those big arms and being able to flex those huge legs of him for her own pleasure, many times Amy fantasized about having Jason’s body and stroking his cock from his point of view.

One night Amy found a strange video online that grabbed her attention instantly, the video had an old woman in it saying “Swap bodies with anyone you want, just leave a good review in our site and we’ll send you a spell” So Amy did it without thinking too much and as promised, they sent her a weird message with some instructions. “Just call the person you want to switch with, make sure both of you have the camera on and then pronounce the spell 3 times”… there was a note at the end that read “Warning. This spell cannot be reversed”

Amy was skeptical, lots of fake stuff are online, and this was like magic… “this can’t be real, but hey it cost me nothing” so she tried it anyways. Her coach answered the phone confused “-What is it Amy?… ” “-Hello coach, can you turn on your camera?, I just want to ask you something” “- Sure” then Amy said the spell … Jason face seemed confused

Something clicked in their heads, everything went black for 20 minutes. Whatever happened…when Amy opened her eyes, she saw a reflection on a mirror in the ceiling, this was not her room anymore, she saw Jason’s huge body naked in the mirror… “Wow, the guy was naked while speaking on the phone … I can’t believe it actually worked” Amy realized Jason was calling her from his body, she did not answer she would deal with that later,… right now her mind was just filling up with all the things she imagined she wanted to do with this body, and she already could feel the amazing strength and weight this body had…

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