Inner desires

If it weren’t for the great shift many people would call them perverts. Nico (18) and Fran (17) were really tired to pretend in front of everybody that they were just cousins that got along very well. I mean their parents surely had suspicions about them but nobody could prove anything. Fran was always flirting with Nico. The young couple spent most of the time hanging out since their parents were always working and that ultimately led to one day where they kissed each other and that kiss led to another thing were they touched which eventually took them to have sex.

Hormones stroke their younger bodies and it was beautiful, they always looked anxious and horny. Since they were cousins they had to keep their relationship a secret which it was not so bad but was a little frustrating.

One day Nico and Fran had dinner at Fran’s house with her parents Tom (41) and Laura (38) everything came as expected from an ordinary reunion but that day changed their lives forever, that day was the Great shift and destiny, called the door because Nico changed bodies with Fran’s mother and she changed bodies with her father.

At the beginning the situation was confusing for everybody their parents were pretty upset about being cousins now but the bright side for them was to have younger bodies and get to enjoy live again. Fran was a little freaked out about being his own dad and Nico was now able to see his “mother in law” body.

They decided it was better for all to keep their identity hidden, as If the changed never happened because Fran’s parents had many things going on financially they did not want to risk it. And as in a good love story, Nico and Fran soon realized they were not cousins anymore and sure they lost some years and have a different sex now but now for the rest of the world they were a married couple.. still pretending somehow though, but a real couple in the end. After all preconceptions were left behind It did not passed much time before they were having sex any time they could.

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