Ancient technique · Bodyswap · Magic


“Is this pose good enough Jimmy” Mark (40) said inside the body of the Latina model Andrea (28)… the photographer nodded. Mark looked at all the guys in the production “Yes Richard we can have coffee later, and Francis I will see you on weekend” All the guys were smiling and seemed really happy, Mark was a very nice model…. ” I love you guys you all are really good to me this is awesome” Mark is always surrounded by men now and he already have slept with many of them…

A month ago Mark was an obese man, a loner, always playing video games and reading all kind of books but mostly comic books, he was smart yet he was still a virgin by the age of 40. He considered himself a good person with a good heart, he did not consider himself a pervert or anything, he really wished to meet a girl and discover what it was like to be loved, he liked to masturbate that’s for sure but he did not have any strange fetishes or something like that, he used to watch naked girls playing games and look at old porn movies, pretty standard stuff.

One day during his readings he found a “love spell for the broken heart” the book said the spell would fulfill his wish… the spell required two people to function… it did not mater when but you have to wait until other person say it… he was amazed, seemed something to try out. He did not have anything to lose. Without much thinking he formulated “I wish to meet a girl and be loved and also make lots of new friends” His wish was granted immediately. Mark woke up in a different apartment with a naked muscular man on his side…

“Wow… where am I?” Mark said with his new feminine voice. The man from his side talked to him “We are in Miami babe… were you having nightmares again?” Pablo (32) “Miami?, who are you?” Mark asked “Oh I see, this is a little game of yours”… Pablo replied “Where are my things” …”Hehe, they are down here” Pablo said just before putting his hand on Mark’s new vagina and started to rub her. Pablo then kissed Mark … a feeling he had never felt before, his body was horny, suddenly he forgot everything that he was thinking and just followed his instincts . Mark ended up having sex with Mark all day having multiple orgasms, it was insane.

Mark would later found out that somehow he and the model Andrea changed bodies… this girl made a wish at the same time that him, she wished not to be treated as a sex object and be fucked by every man she work with anymore, she was desperate to be alone and away from all the men she knew…. I guess it was a win-win because Mark got to know Andrea in a very deep level and both got what they wanted…

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