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My daughter fantasy

Me (56) and my daughter Emily (18) would fight constantly about her behavior, she came home with a new boyfriend almost every week, I told her that was not a good conduct for a young woman. She was always mad at me since my wife Katherine left, all the times I tried to talk to her she would not listen, her grades were decreasing, and her attitude towards life was going into chaos, it was a matter of time before she was getting pregnant or getting AIDS.

I understood she was upset about her mother but this was simply too much, every day I had to check if she ever gets home otherwise I am calling her many times, and when she does arrive early… she often sleep naked, one day I found she send pictures of her naked to his male friends and I saw everyone thinks she is a slut, I cannot handle it anymore. Something needs to be done.

I was doing some research and discover a strange website “Body swapping spells”, the site said, “a good way for you to teach your kids if they don’t behave” and also understand everything they are going through. You can argue it sounded like bullshit but there were testimonies in the site of girls speaking to the camera with their dads and hugging.

I was very sleepy but I bought one anyway, I turned off the computer then went to bed and I followed the instructions until I pronounced the spell…. There was a noise crack and suddenly I felt even more tired

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I heard myself screaming

I tried to open my eyes but it was really hard…. I was very dizzy… but I could see my body entered the room like a mad man

“DAD? WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT IS HAPPENING?” Emily said in my body

“what…” I said in my daughters body trying to wake up “what is it darling?” …

And let’s just say this was the beginning of a new father-daughter relationship

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