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Rich and young

Whoa I’m very happy the pain is gone and I can finally enjoy this island having a vacation…

Mary (22) was very fortunate, she had the good life; a rich boyfriend, a wealthy family, a gorgeous body with a glorious face…If only maybe the thing that she is lacking is having big boobs haha, but that doesn’t matter to me since everything that I just said is mine now. I couldn’t be happier. My name is Howard, I work at the island hotel, I was 65 before having this bombshell body.

How did I get it? Long story short. I tricked this girl by giving her away a pair of earrings, I got those earrings from an old man who sold them to me as a “way to trade life” with someone, I thought he was joking because he did not ask for money or food, he just wanted a room to stay for a couple of weeks, he seemed very strange so since we were on low occupancy at the hotel I allowed him to stay.

The thing is, the day he left he was very happy that I accepted his offer and told me I just had to give the earring to the person who I wanted to change lives with, I asked him “Whats the trick?” he just said “There is no trick… but they only work once” and then I never saw him again. Several years passed since that moment that I almost forgot the earrings.

I was diagnosed with cancer with only a few weeks, maybe days left. In my desperation I remembered the earrings and I looked into the customers information, “What if I become a girl?” I wondered. and that’s when I discovered Mary.

I heard she is in the hospital right now, she cannot even speak anymore, what a pity, but that happens to every old man… And I… I’m here meditating and waiting for my new boyfriend to go snorkeling.

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