Bodyswap · Great shift

Drunken discussion

Ferdinand (40) was standing there waiting for his “client” to enter the room…. A few weeks ago, he had an argument with a young woman that he met in a bar, they fought about how some people’s lives are destroyed by just posting a single tweet about feminism or something. Karla was specially upset about his commentaries referring to girls as exaggerated and complaining about everything. Ferdinand was sure all girls liked to be fucked deep inside them

Karla was pissed off and called him an asshole many times, she told him boys could not see past his dick and primal instincts… but to be honest, they both were already pretty drunk to make any sense at all. Ferdinand also said that if he were to be a girl, he would also liked to be fucked by many men and be used like a sex toy. Karla was furious… and told him he did not understand anything about being a woman whatsoever.

“Sex is just a little thing in a girls mind” she said

“Ah yeah?…and how do you explain all those TikTok girls making sex video representations” He replied

“They can do whatever they want” … Karla argued

“Yeah that’s not the point…the point is you girls think of sex just as much or even more than us”

“We like sex, our life just don’t spin around that”

“Yeaah…. hey…do you want to come over my house… I’m actually pretty alone”

“Fuck you… and I mean it like …I really wish somebody fuck you”

In that moment, lights went off the entire city, a bolt of lighting passed over the building in the blink of an eye. Many people was lost about what happened…and Ferdinand …he woke up over a table, in a gorgeous girl body who was dancing for some men in the VIP section. An event that would be known as the Great shift had just happened and Ferdinand had a lot of time to learn about being a woman…. and a stripper. Which led him to earn his living by fucking rich men in that same bar….

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