Bodyswap · employee · Tech device


Wow I don’t know how I got here… this must be a dream or something, I just remember I was falling….no wait a minute, I remember yes. Britney!, she hit me with something …Oh my god!, Am I dead…why am I naked? I don’t understand.

Paul (54) here, was a business man who always treated girls like objects, he was constantly harassing them pinching their ass or making comments about their bodies. He even had sex with some of them in exchange for higher salaries or a secure position in the company. That was until he met Britney (23) a young blonde woman who was really pretty, she unlike the other girls was always flirting with him without asking any favors or something, Paul believed this girl really liked him, they went onto different dinner parties together and hang out whenever they could it was awesome.

She and Paul fucked constantly, sex was awesome and all those comments about Paul stopped, the girls seemed to like him know that he was not making anything on them, but there was a catch….

Britney is the daughter of Laura (42) who was fired because Paul told the police she was the one who make him have sex with her as a way of blackmail…. of course police believed him, and Laura was fired and even put in jail for a while. That was a few months ago and Britney was furious about what happened to her mom, they talked about it…. all this time Britney was collecting information about Paul, learning everything about his life, gaining his confidence, passwords, contacts etc…

After a while Britney finally was ready to change their bodies using an ancient artifact her mom gave her….

Now Paul was alone, naked and disoriented, not knowing his life was about to become that of a slut cock riding secretary because the device also allowed mind control…

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