Accident · Bodyswap · FOSE · Girlfriend

Worried girlfriend

“What up babe?” Mark (35) said in the body of their neighbor Jennifer (24)

“Nothing” Kelly 32 her girlfriend reacted looking sad

“Oh I think I know what’s happening here, you are feeling jealous of me getting this body right?”

“No of course it’s not that….I’m fucking furious and I miss you ….as a man”

“Hey but I’m here, I haven’t left and I’m not planning to… but you gotta be honest with me about you feelings… “

“That bitch…what was she was thinking? we are a married couple” Jenny argued

“Hey I don’t know…we barely knew her… this F.O.S.E thing was very weird for every one, but it’s not my fault…You and I were at the movies…. remember… and then I found myself in her house naked with a big dildo between my legs, with this huge tits still bouncing and full of cum, it was shocking….” Mark said

Kelly couldn’t stand to look his boyfriend like that, she was pissed and indeed she was very angry but also jealous of his amazing figure and tits, since she herself had no ass and just a flat chest, also her face was too pretty. She was worried her boyfriend would realize all that and then liked that body too much …. to start experimenting with sex and then leave her anytime. He did not have a cock anymore but she did not want any other cock inside him now. The worst thing was that she had to visit her mom this weekend and had to leave Mark alone with his friends…. he was going to explain them what happened and those dresses were not helping her to stop worrying

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