Accident · Bodyswap · Brother · Girlfriend

Little brother

“I feel so big….I don’t like this girly and tiny clothes Kevin” (Tommy, 8) said in the body of his big brother’s girlfriend, Karla, 25.

“Hey look, everybody has to adapt to this, I’m just teaching you how to be like Karla was” said his big brother, Kevin, 26.

“Did Karla used this? it’s pretty cold… also I don’t feel my penis anymore and feels funny down there what happened?”

“Look, I still have no clue… I know its strange but I’m going to give you a massage there and I’m sure you will feel more happy… remember if you do what I say you won’t have to go to school again”

“All right but you owe me pizza and video games too”

“Yes, this would require several sessions but you’ll get use to it… don’t ever tell Karla now turn around” Kevin said with a small grin face.

Kevin and Karla (now in the little boy’s body) agreed that they would not tell anyone about the swap since she did not want that boy going around looking dumb and ruining her reputation. She and Kevin lived together before the swap, so the deal was she had to live with Kevin and Tommy’s parents like a little boy while Kevin take care of her body.

Also Kevin was in charge of discovering what really happened that stormy night….

What Karla didn’t suspect is that Kevin was really obsessed with his body, so much he couldn’t handle himself by just looking at it, he was horny all the time and it didn’t matter her little brother was inside that amazing body — Kevin obviously was taking advantage of the situation “playing and teaching” his little brother every time he could.

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