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Claudia (24) was driving home, she was with his boyfriend Gary … Everything was ok except for the fact Claudia didn’t know how to drive properly, she just got her license a few days ago. Gary knew this and tried his best to make her understand that something bad would happen if she didn’t pay attention to everything in the streets.

It was a very tragic scene. The red light was on, Claudia used the wrong foot. She crashed against a light post, a soft hit but unfortunately for her she also hit a homeless man named Ben (55). The hit make the old man fall to the ground. But something else happened. A wave of electricity from the light post passed over the car and so Claudia and Ben swapped bodies in an instant.

The police arrived, the car insurance arrived and then… Ben not realizing he was in the body of the gorgeous blonde now, was trying to explain he was just walking and chasing a coin he saw, it didn’t make sense so Gary told the police her girlfriend was very nervous, they removed her license and were taken to the hospital.

Claudia in the old man’s body was unconscious but alive, paramedics only checked his pulse and since she was an old man homeless and smelled really bad was taken by the police to God knows where.

Ben was very happy to finally be able to sleep in a bed and have a roof under his head but didn’t understand what was happening at all, she was how beautiful young woman with a pussy and a horny boyfriend who was always touching her and trying to take advantage. It would be several nights getting fucked by Gary to understand this was his new life.

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