Ancient technique · Bodyswap · M2F · Magic

Get along

Tomas (32) on the left and Jenny (33) right, were a dysfunctional couple. They couldn’t stand each other anymore so a friend told them about a special therapy in New Hampton so they decided to go, not knowing what it was all about, but since they already have tried psychology and psycho analysis sessions there was nothing else to lose

When they arrived there was only a small cabin near a lake. They entered the cabin and were received by an old woman who said “I know exactly what you came here, take a seat” She came with a couple of tea cups and a small bread.

“After you drink please read this note from the table… a bit will be enough… then you will both will see what your are doing wrong”

She left and they believed this was only a joke. They drank the tea because they were thirsty, and then the magic happened… in just a blink their souls exchanged bodies like with a blim of light, once they opened their eyes they looked at each other in the eye with fear.

“Oh my god what is this” She said in his body

“What kind of trick is this?” He said in her body

Tomas touched his waist, chest and long hair, trying to grasp the sensations his new body was giving him

“Stop it Tom, this is not the time to do that, what are we suppose to do now” She said while also touching his new cock under his shorts

“The lady, I mean that woman said we should read this paper”

Tom grabbed it from the table, he opened and read out loud “The truth lies beneath the lies, but the lies are not born from the truth”

“What does that even mean?” he said with his girly voice

They went outside looking for the woman, but there was no one to be found… after a couple of hours they decided to calm down and think for a moment. Tom suddenly started to see his old body and for a moment he felt something weird, he like the shape of his old torso… he couldn’t tell why… Jenny on the other side was thinking in dumping Tom even though this would mean to stay like this… and look at his face everyday but she just didn’t want to be with him anymore…. seems even magic was not working for her.

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