Bodyswap · Girlfriend · M2F · Magic


I was very sad when my girlfriend dumped me, we were nice coupl, I think so, she seemed happy and I had no idea why she did it, but I was loosing my shit thinking why? so started looking for an answer. First I tried to enter her social media accounts following some internet tutorials, but that didn’t had any success then I started spying on his house, but I didn’t see anything. Then I found a rare book about two bodies exchanging souls for a day. I didn’t believed but I downloaded the book anyway. The only thing I needed was a piece of hair from the person I wanted to change bodies with and pronounce a spell with it in my mouth…., I still had her hairbrush so I used one from there… the book also said the change was for 24 hours only, so I thought that if it was real…. I should stop her in my body in case she tried anything, so it occurred to me I should chained myself using a combination padlock, then put a bag on my head and take some sleeping pills just in case so she wouldn’t even know what happened. And so I did

“Kitle-wir-reef Op-ik-kan- tlik Om” I said several times…

My mind felt a lot of dizziness I open my eyes and was a white room in a strange bed looking at a computer screen, there was some dude to my side smiling.

-Hey babe, check this bondage gear would you like it? ” the guy said

-Ahm… ” I said in my ex girlfriend body (Katy, 25)

-Don’t worry they will bring several models to the room hehe, we can try some”


-By the way you never told me what happen to your dumb-ass boyfriend”

I just realized this was real, I was actually in Katy’s body, so she was cheating on me with this guy….I felt scared…. I didn’t know how to answer….

-It’s OK if you don’t want to talk about him, I mean I can’t believe he didn’t notice your wet pussy every night we fucked…

After that you can guess what happened… the guy started to kiss me, someone arrived with the bondage gear… and I was getting fucked by the guy who took my girl…. sad thing is, I did had many orgasms in Katy’s body that night unwillingly, it was an immense pleasure for my male mind that I was even crying in ecstasy.

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