Ancient technique · Bodyswap · Grandson · Magic

Grandma’s plan

I always knew my grandson Jim (27) was going to have my late husband physique, very attractive man with well defined muscles, like the ones you really salivate for… gosh I love them… I always wished to be a man and feel that power…

Through my life I made several mistakes but here in the retirement home I recently learned some old magic from a very old book… My family usually only visits me on my birthday, and this year was no different. I think they simply are waiting for the day I finally die, I’m 82 now and I barely can move. Anyway… my grandson came to visit me with his newest girlfriend (Karen, 23) as I expected so I had everything prepared, my room was full of chalk circles, stars, plants, patterns and several candles. When they entered I believe they thought I was loosing it already. But …hehe… I instructed his girfriend to stay outside for a moment, she agreed….and told my grandson to sat on the chair at the left of my bed, I told him I had something special to tell him… he followed my instructions as I were a child playing a game. The magic was very straight forward I just needed to extinguish one of the candles and close my eyes while he also had his eyes closed.

Suddenly I was looking at my old self sleeping in bed. I stood up and left the room.. “What happened? what did she tell you” Karen asked me “Nothing, she just thanked me for coming, we had a little talk and then she got asleep” I said with Jim’s voice.

Oh that’s really cute….shouldn’t we extinguish all the candles? it can be dangerous….

Yes… for sure, we need to clean the room.

And so we did it… after that, we left… a few days later the retirement home people keep calling me about the rants from old Martha telling everyone he was a very attractive man and crying in pain, I told them she always had a crush with young male bodies because of MY old grandfather. So I said they should keep her sedated before she hurts herself… and for me…. I was loving this hung body… and really enjoying life again… with my female knowledge and this cock I’ve already fucked several girls from the neighborhood…

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