Bully · Girlfriend · Great shift · M2F · nerd

The bully

This day has been nuts for Andrew here (16, nerd shy guy) he was having a hard time just this morning because his bully, Mark (25) beat the shit out of him on his way to school, and while he was recovering in the school nurse, the famous Great Shift happened. Suddenly Andrew was in shock again, everything seemed to be bigger, he appeared in a strange house in front of Mark who look bigger than usual…

Mark (anxious): Hey Katy I’m not gonna fall for that ‘I feel nausea’ shit again. You are my girlfriend and I’m gonna fuck you whenever I want

Andrew (In Katherine’s 22 body): Dude, not again, I’m gonna tell my parents, leave me alone, please (Andrew noted his voice was different and also his body but he haven’t even looked down)

Mark (confused and furious): WHAT?! Oh… so now what we have here … a little acting, you think I’m stupid… talking mumbo jumbo is not getting you out of this. Get those panties off

Andrew saw his reflection in a mirror and watch Katherine, Mark’s girlfriend almost naked in underwear, for a little moment he thought he was dreaming, he didn’t know what to do…

Andrew (trembling): All right, all right Mark, please don’t hit me.

MARK was started to unzip his pants: Well you’ll have to suck it for a while to change my mood again…now come here

It seems Andrew was not the only one been bullied by Mark, so bad for him Mark fucked him all night and didn’t now he was more than trapped in that body.

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