Father/Daughter · Time travel

My little princess (series) Part 1

Call me pervert or whatever, one day in our normal routine …I admit it, I was watching my 20 year old daughter’s cleavage while driving her to college… I mean for god sake I’m a man… it was only once everynow an then, I was not doing any harm, she was always angry with me for something but I didn’t know why. “Gosh dad…I wished you could understand more… really”

Yes…. I was not the best dad ever… but heck I wished that too, instant karma appeared because I missed the red light and then I watched an enormous truck from the side just a few meters …i just heard my daughter “DAAAAD!!!” I remember my head hitting something really bad and then black out. Next morning I woke up in my daughters bedroom feeling very dizzy. I felt different, slimmer, soft…. had hair over my face, I touched my self up and felt two big enormous breast in my chest, I freaked out I immediately got out from bed I was tiny was using shorts, my daughter had a big mirror in her room I watched myself in horror “What is this shit?” my voice sounded very feminine.

I ran to my bedroom just to find myself masturbating in the bathroom, it was weird seeing me naked from this perspective…. I knocked the door,

“Hello … Katy is that you” I said

The man answered … “what sweetheart…? coming”

Who are you?

What do you mean who I am… I am your dad.

I didn’t reply and ran to my daughters bedroom again. Was this a dream? Then my daughters cellphone was ringing “Mindy is calling” it said, I answer….


“Katy! my love how are you, we haven’t seen you since last friday…. do you have everything ready for the prom

The prom? what prom?

Our high school prom dummie……

what?….. I hang up the call…. and watched the cellphone time and day, it was February 25, 2018…. it striked me… I was my daughter…. but two years before.

End of part 1.

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