Bodyswap · Father/Daughter · M2F · Tech device

My innocent daughter

I know maybe I’ll go to hell for this but look at her in my old body, she seems very happy haha. Just a week ago I was that old man but I was really sad, my wife left us and I had to take care of my daughter Riley (16), one time I got to saw her taking in the bathroom by accident… god damn… she is so pretty, more than my wife ever was.

My animal instinct hit me …I was an engineered and worked for secret government divisions in the past… during my career I signed contracts to keep my mouth shut on many things…like the device I developed to exchange bodies….minds…or souls depends on how you see it. Anyway, I couldn’t resist anymore so I made a simple plan to fool my daughter…she is very innocent and naive, I just left the device set up in her bedroom and I went to sleep using some pills. I knew she would try to play with it and get it on. I mean it looks like a shinny new cellphone. So I’m asleep, she pushes the button and voila I am her…. so while she is sleeping in my body I hid the device and went to sleep, the next day I play dumb and told her I don’t know what she is talking about, I just woke up in her bed… then I mentioned an asteroid almost hitting earth and that maybe something strange happened I told her not to worry and that I can fix it. She believes me…. and it’s not worried anymore…..and now I’m slowly making her forget she was Riley. By the way I love taking showers in my new body…

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