Bodyswap · employee · Head hit · M2F

The pool cleaner

It’s funny watching this photo since I’m the one who took it, My name was Jeff (52), I was a pool cleaner for Ms. Anderson, small guy, from Ecuador , had a mustache, chubby and not very good looking… a loner with a job…I needed the money… anyway,….she was…or rather I AM now the trophy wife of a renown business man. I knew this bitch was just a gold digger, she was fucking the security staff and cheating on her husband, I mean, most of them were black hungs, I didn’t care, but every now on then you could see them fucking in the living room…or the kitchen…it was like having a porn reality show in the house. I never said a thing to Mr. Anderson and stay out of trouble to keep my job. She would always asked me to take her pictures at the pool since I spent most of my days there. But one thing that always pissed me off is that after taking the pictures she would tell the guards I was molesting her and they beat me up…every time. What didn’t I stop taking pictures?… well, she would threaten me getting my ass fired. Call it destiny, but one of those weird movie like event happened…. I was removing some leafs and she slipped down near me, she grabbed me and somehow our heads hit each other, very quick moment, I saw myself falling and I realized I was already floating in the water, my old body started screaming all crazy…. “HELP, HELP ME! HE HIT ME…” I did nothing, I just swam to get out of the pool realizing what was happening, I just followed my gut… two guards came and looked the scene….they got my old body off the water and say “You think this is funny…little man” “NO WAIT…I’M KATY, KATY ANDERSON” ….I was thinking something and the guys looked at me smiling, “Don’t worry Miss we’ll take care of this dumb ass” …. I nodded. They started to beat her up “NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING….STOP IT, IT HURTS” … I walked and watched my old body bleeding in the ground … “That would teach you not to take me pictures without my permission. You are fired JEFF” I said…. and continue ” C’mon guys, kicked him out… and prepare my massage room please”

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