Ancient technique · Granddaughter

The Tibet

A few days ago I was an old man waiting death, my family left me inside a retirement home, evil people, I help them all their lives with education, travels, gifts I mean thanks to me they are lucky to have a roof over their heads, Jenifer, (23) my granddaughter was very happy I was not around in the house anymore because she was constantly doing pool parties all the time and didn’t like his grandpa sneaking around….

In spite of all that, I always knew I had a plan. During my lifetime I spent several years in a very ancient palace in the Tibet, there I learned many secrets… I was so desperately looking for an eternal life elixir like many people and to be honest I really couldn’t find it but I found something else, a body swapping ritual… I was amazed and very happy when I discovered that all the gorgeous girls in the palace were actually old monks living the life and having orgies every month with other monks….. I jumped at the possibilities…. The thing …yes, there was one condition – you had to wait until your last days for the ritual to work – And well I knew the time was right and here I am in the body of my granddaughter. I’m not sad…I’m still a little angry… they told me the old man is very sad and crying out loud, I advised them to put sedatives on him for his last days.

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