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It was my job…

Some people told me I was lucky and I remember many of my friends envy me, I used to be a Photographer, a professional one… and I did have special jobs that only some could get, I used to take pictures from top models around the world, it was crazy I remember it was common to enter a room with a hot chick and then she started getting naked in front of me just to do what I told her to, it was a very a private service so only two people in the room. Thing is…. there was this girl who believed I was a pervert because her session lasted to long, and I didn’t stop asking her to move around and open her legs… I mean what could I do, it was my job and yes… I enjoyed it. So at the end of the session she approaches me and tells me “You think I’m a piece of meat don’t you? What if I take you some pictures” I froze, she took my camera and I see a flash… Next thing I see it’s myself with a medical unit explaining that “the model just fainted”
This was the photo she took me after I got up off the ground and well you can imagine what happened next…

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